Welcome to Hell

​​Happy Republic day!

68 years as a republic and yet we still treat our leaders like monarchs. King Modi blesses the townsfolk and everybody laps it up while his neo-feudalist lapdogs fall over themselves trying to pay obeisance. The mighty Maharaja’s decision to take away the people’s hard earned wealth through a supposed attack on an invisible and intangible enemy has exposed the shriveled little monster behind the “55 inch chest” of the BJP’s Gujarat Lion. And yet the heralds of the monarch continue to announce to all the land, “Demonetisation was a complete success”, “A surgical strike has been conducted on black money” and “90% of India has supported Demonetisation through NaMo app”.
90% of India doesn’t have steady jobs and food security but clearly they must have smartphones and internet access.
On the other side of the world we’ve got the American people sitting in bewilderment, trying to comprehend how their perfect democracy could ever churn out an orange skinned Hitler wannabe who makes fascists look like decent folk. At least Hitler was an idealist. Trump is a cunning, power hungry animal. A selfish, greedy monster who wants nothing better than to screw everything in sight. A racist dictator on steroids with the self-righteousness of a television evangelist and the moral capacity of a banana slug. Say hello to the true face of capitalism.
Congratulations America, you’ve finally got what you’ve always wanted. Someone who will take charge and grab the world by the pussy. Less than a week in office and he’s already destroyed years of hard work by removing all mentions of the LGBTQ+ community and the struggles of the African American community. And this man now stands in the office of Abraham Lincoln. He’s reversed every major step taken by the US towards environmental conservation, preferring to act as if nature is his own personal whorehouse. The country that idealised personal liberties now has a law telling women what to do with their bodies. Hope you like your dictator.
Theresa May’s 8-line Brexit plan is the basis for the Constitution of the new world. No planning, no consideration and no truth. It doesn’t matter whether the truth is that Trump’s inauguration saw more protest than attendance, that the conservatives haven’t the foggiest idea what to do once they leave the EU or that the black economy continues to thrive in India better than ever. Those in power will continue to say that Trump’s inauguration was attended by millions of supporters, that Brexit was the greatest move the British have made since World War 2 and that the Indian economy is clean as the holy waters of the Ganges (incidentally one of the most polluted rivers in the world but that’s just fact and we’re long past the age of truth).
And what has the neo-liberals, the progressives and the leftists done so far? Fight to maintain the status quo. Lament the rise of the fascists. It’s just too hilarious.

The world needs the left now more than ever. We’ve got dictators poking their heads up all over the world and the best we’re doing is play whack-a-mole with them. It’s time we rip the game apart and trash the whole arcade.
Welcome to 2017. Hope you survive the experience.


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