The Fatal Accident

We have gone sick following a path of unquestioned faith, trammeled culture and artificial boundaries. We are working in the wrong direction. We are still trying to solve the problem politically. It was a good system, I would say, a thousand years back. All over our country this system is collapsing. Caste-ism has been tearing us apart for years.  Casteism can be defined as the fatal accident of birth. The roots of this problem lie way back in our history. It was initially a social structure which categorized the population according to the work done in a Pagan society. Gradually these structure were incorporated to fundamentalist ideologies which categorized the population as per caste.This system thrives in Power Vacuum and our ignorance. The revised constitution which banned untouchablity did not create the social revolution it meant to initiate.  For centuries, caste dictated almost every aspect of Hindu religious and social life, with each group occupying a specific place in this complex hierarchy.

Anyone who dares to challenge this is accused! “You’re a dreamer. A Utopian. A damn communist” This Rigid structure was followed for decades without much resistance. The oppressed were so unaware of their rights and their delusion was manipulated by the clergy and the so called “Upper Caste”. Their lack of political voice kept the oppressor in power. What’s more sickening is when the state acts as the enforcing arm of the fundamentalist culture. Different political parties which call themselves as “liberal and progressive” have tried and failed to irradicate this system for decades. Gandhi who considered untouchablity merely as a flaw in the system of Hinduism is considered “Father of our nation”. Nobody noticed the fact that he was cowardly and a part of the problem. The last resort for the deconstruction of this social structure is a resistance from within a system. It is technically impossible to liberate a person who is not aware of the chains around his neck.They will live and die inside this social structures unless they wake up. So the first step is to enlighten the so called “Lower Caste” with secular and rational ideologies. An enlightenment about individualism always leads to a cultural revolution. An enlightened individual will be less prone to manipulation from culture illusion. In the past few decades our country has witnessed a lot of resistance against this social structure which even included violence against the government and clergy. What do all these occurrences have in common? It signifies a rejection to archaic values. The society is trying to cure itself through an archaic revival. We had eradicated this system once (during the Mughal Era) and if we did that once we can do it again.We simply have to turn our back against a culture which we had no role in making. How did we get to this point where half of our people are living in isolation and the other half is living under the chains of culture and religion. How can we call ourselves united and secular when our country is divided in too many fronts?

Together we must eliminate social elitism. We must declare Earth as a common heritage of all the world’s people. I’m not denying the existence of God, but I am denying the dictatorship of religion on our individualism. The Dalits have lost their homes, their jobs, their confidence and their hope in the elect, which is a good thing I would say because now they are open to new ideas. There is nothing as powerful and self transforming as an idea. A storm is coming and there may be no blood spilled. The authorities are equipped with unimaginable Power, Politics don’t trigger change anymore because our society is desensitized and afraid to stand up. The problem with all the anti caste moments in India is that none aims at the structure itself. We try to mend the broken system based on ancient ideals. We are too scared to address the elephant in the room. We are too scared to question the ones who are hiding behind the doors of fundamentalist religion and culture , because we may be called unholy, a naxalite or an Anti National.  We should stand up and shout the blasphemous truth. Many of our cultural databases such as the Manusmrithi is responsible for most of the crimes against the lower caste. The dying caste system was shocked back to life by the Right Wing politicians. If we are not going to stand up and take a stand against this today, tomorrow we may be dragged outside our house because we may have opposing views. We put a rover on Mars but fail to treat our citizens as humans. We can reverse this oppressive phenomenon. We are mortal finite beings. We need to take responsibility for ourself and stop waiting for revival from higher deities. Having invented the Gods, we can turn into them. We can make a mark in history, we can reverse this whole filthy inhuman system that treats human beings like dirt.

Any identity between maternity and crematorium is delusional.  We should be who we are without needing to interpret ourself to ‘yourself’ or others.  Man is a little germ that revolves around a fireball. If you think about this fact there would literally be no discrimination in our society. These artificial construct of delusion of your false self has strengthened the ground of the clergy and the corrupt state. Trying to reverse this social system by political means is not possible anymore because the whole system is biased. The only way to take out the system is by substituting the ancient ideologies with rational and secular ones. We were all born into cultures we had no role in creating and we are forced to pass it on to our offspring. The fact that we are so delusional about the chains is what keeps the oppressor going. We are so unaware of every horrible thing done to us. They took our right to self explore and be ourself. They keep pushing and molding us into their archaic cultures and values. And they will keep doing this till we, you and I, finally wake up.


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