Times They are A-changing

​A lot can change in 69 years. What was once the USSR can now turn into a loose squabbling group of countries, the most important of which is ruled by a judo black belt with dictatorial tendencies. Once racist America can be ruled by a black man for 8 years. Communist China can open up its economy, and the once powerful Indian National Congress, ruled by the great socialist Jawaharlal Nehru can be replaced by a joke of a party led by an Italian woman and her dim-witted son who have taken it upon themselves to ruin the nation and along with it, the party that for so long represented the the emotions and aspirations of the citizens as a whole.

Throughout his political career post independence, Nehru took a firm stand against fascism and right wing politics in general. Today, the nation is ruled by a man who only fourteen years ago, led a massacre of hundreds of innocent Muslims in his home state of Gujarat. How times change! And it certainly doesn’t help that the major opposition that this fascist leader faces is from a man whose only achievement is his lineage. A “chaiwala” ruling the nation may seem like an inspirational story to many, but when this chaiwala’s party is adamant on dividing the nation on religious terms and asking all those who disrespect their fascist views to leave the country and go to Pakistan instead, this inspiration ceases to exist. Gone are the days when the minorities could feel safe in our country.  Given a choice, most of us would choose to be a cow, rather than a Muslim or a woman in India today. As Modi travels around the world, “developing” the nation as he does, he has turned a blind eye to the comments that the members of his party have been making. The very men who find peaceful protests in JNU to be anti-national have been going around glorifying the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi. In Modi’s attempts to claim the likes of Gandhi and Patel for his party, he has been oblivious to the impact that these comments have had on the minds of the people. But why SHOULD he worry when he knows that irrespective of what he or his fellow fascists do, his position in power is safe, considering the complete lack of opposition. From the landslide victories of the likes of Nehru and Indira Gandhi, the Congress has come to being a mere spectator while the muffler man from Delhi tries to oppose Modi with statements that will only reassure the nation’s faith in the PM.

The history of India hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. We have had some very embarrassing Prime Ministers on our journey of 69 years. Some even went so far as to drink their own urine. But NEVER have we felt the kind of insecurity that we face today. The biggest flaw of this nation is that we forgive too soon. And this is not just in politics. The very fact that Ajay Jadeja is still allowed to commentate, despite betraying the nation at the international stage is testimony to this fact. We have forgiven Modi for Godhra. And when Madison square garden chants “Modi Modi”, some of us may get goosebumps. But all I feel is disgust. And that is all I feel every time I see a man or a woman begging on the streets. What use is Modi’s foreign trips and what use is all the “poverty alleviation” policies of the Congress if the poorest man in the country still has to depend on the benevolence of the rich for his survival?

Whatever happened to Nehruvian socialism? Has 1991 changed everything? Has growth in GDP become the only priority of the government?
The day the Congress stops being a party run merely by the Gandhis and the day great political careers are no longer ended by the offer of a presidential candidacy, India will have hope again. The day our priorities change from personal comfort to the welfare of the people as a whole, we will have a chance at this long talked about poverty alleviation. The day the Modis and the Gandhis are replaced by men who aren’t held back by religious affiliations or the prospect of earning juicy green rupee notes, and the day men driving taxis can choose an ideal candidate without having to vote ‘NOTA’, the day the BJP and the RSS cease to exist and the Congress rises again, that day the dreams of the Mahatma and Pandit Nehru will come true. To that heaven of freedom my father, let my country awake!



  1. bro the reasons which are responsible for so called “hindu extremism” are to be addressed , the policies of appeasement and the behaviour of minority which are more than 20 crore in numbers are to be namee from few reasons , we just cannot blame majority because they are easy targets and selective blaming is also dangerous


    • Hindu extremism started in India a long time before the so called “minority appeasement” policies of the Congress. So to blame these policies and the behaviour of the minority for this extremism is baseless, to say the least. And in a country like India, the majority is in no way an “easy target”. Every word that is said against the majority is said with the fear of being termed anti national. If anything, it is the minority that is an easy target, and thus right wing parties are being allowed to prosper.


      • no way there was hindu extremism before the policies of appeasement first by british and then by congress. when the rights of majority community are raised it is often seen as anti-secular, which tell what kind of secularism ,’sickulars’ want . Raising slogans in favour of terrorists and thousands of people joining their “janaja” cleary is not in favour of nation


      • What rights are we talking about here? What rights were the majority ever denied? Constantly coming up with excuses to justify majoritarian rule is something the BJP has mastered over the years. And if by “terrorists”, you mean the minority, then slogans shall continue to be raised in their favour for as long as there is a Hindu right wing party at the centre.


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