How To Get Away With Hate Speech

We’ve all seen it. In the comments sections of practically every Facebook/Instagram post. Those select few who truly enjoy the full extent of the anonymity at their disposal.

For those who can’t understand the point our dear friend Dhyanesh is getting at due to language barriers, he’s basically challenging Umar Khalid (misspelt here as Khali) to come meet him while also threatening to shoot all the “motherfucking anti national bastards” of the country. Such a threat, if made on any other media platform, would warrant a case of criminal intent, criminal conspiracy, criminal intimidation and a whole host of other laws that could take grant an all expenses paid trip to prison. But not here.

Mr Gupta’s “challange” isn’t just to those he terms anti nationals. It’s to anyone who might read it to just try and do something to stop him.

A few days ago, Gurmehar Kaur, a student from Delhi University faced a serious of threats on social media after her campaign against war and against the ABVP. One of her critics even went sp far as to give a detailed account of how he planned to rape her. No one even knows who it was.

But then we can always report such content can’t we? Why should we be bothered? We’re far too comfortable in our sofas and our beds to do more than ignore such trolls. The best we can do is report them. Of course, the people in question won’t face any legal repercussions. But that’s okay. At least it won’t be our problem anymore.

Well pull your heads out of the sand you damn ostriches and look at the world around you. Unregulated and unrestricted access to social media is what is allowing illiterate barbarians like this troll here to climb out from under their bridges and flash their dicks at us. And you can keep ignoring it. You probably will. But you could also demand that law enforcement agencies work with social media platforms to find such people and punish them. In the real world.

If I write an article threatening to kill someone just because they disagree with my ideology, I can be sued. If I comment the same on a Facebook post from a profile with a picture of some god as my display picture, I’d like to see you try.

So this is how you get away with being an insufferable asshole who doesn’t deserve to show your face in respectable society. Get Facebook.


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