May the Scots Be With You

​Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland has declared that her party will begin campaigning for a second referendum on Scottish independence. Theresa May has replied by scoffing at the idea and saying that Scotland has far more important things to do, like fixing their public services. It’s perfectly plausible that she means the Scots ought to do what she’s doing to the NHS. Or maybe they should be cutting disability benefits. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to figure out what the PM means by “improving public services”.

The general Tory line on the matter is clear. The Conservative party feels that the Scots already got one referendum and they voted to stay. As far as they care, there’s no reason for a second one. You bloody Scots better sit there in your man-skirts drinking whiskey and let us English folk run the country, thank you very much.

What the Tories are conveniently forgetting is that Scotland was assured by David Cameron, former Prime Minister and Etonian Pigfucker, that the only way Scotland would be able to be part of the EU is with the UK. Well that’s changed hasn’t it? The Tories have no explanation for it but fishermen call that manoeuvre the “Bait And Switch”.

The fact remains that 62% of Scotland voted to stay in the EU and now they’re being dragged out just because England wants to leave. Theresa May has continuously chosen to ignore the multiple protests raised by the SNP, choosing rather to scoff at the Scots like a barmy old headmistress dealing with an unruly child.

What the PM doesn’t seem to realise is that she needs Scotland far more than Scotland needs her. In fact, while she claims that the majority of Scottish people want to stay in the UK, most people in the UK would agree that they would much prefer if she leave the UK or even better, the damn planet.

The UK is a sinking ship and it’s only reasonable that Scotland will want to leave. After all, they have the resources and the ability to take care of themselves without Westminster making their decisions for them. What is yet to be seen is whether the Conservative party will allow a second referendum or whether they will instead choose to ignore democracy and act like the imperialistic authoritarian twats they are.


One comment

  1. Etonian pigfucker. And you call yourself a liberal leftist. Or must I say a Trump of the libertarian left. I’m no fan of UK politics me being a nationalist and all. You have to remember that they are a democratically elected government as much as Corby is the democratically elected head of Labour. Your delusions of the Left being saviours reveals the greatest thread connecting the far Left and the far Right a delusion of an absolutely right government.


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