Cultural Nationalism

Culture is a complex institution. When culture is combined with nationalism it gives rise to a society that enslaves you under a national identity.It gives rise to a new concept known as “national justice” that in most instance clashes with the concept of social justice which can lead to a very volatile situation as it can be an attack on the socially backward sects.

Nationalism combined with culture can give rise to a regressive moral code of conduct that would dictate over every aspect of individualism and the cultural institution will gradually resort to extreme measures to establish its dominance over federal identities.
A common cultural identity would mean the withering away of linguistic cultures leading to withering away of cultural diversity. The combination of Hindutva with nationalism will cause a further escalation as a specific Religio-Cultural dominance will be a direct attack on the minority’s identity. The rise of a particular national and cultural identity will mean an alienation for large sects of population who are independent of these identities.

Cultural nationalism will result in the state acting as an enforcing arm of the dominated fundamentalist culture and would give rise to a new institution where one linguistic identity is inferior to the other. It would lead to a similar situation as Israel where the state enforces discrimination.
The state enforced discrimination slowly turns into norms and tradition of the country and a regressive metamorphosis is followed.


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