Commit A Crime, Win An Award – The New Indian Way

Earlier this year, controversy shook the nation when a video went viral of a soldier tying a man to a jeep as a human shield to escape a mob. Some opposed this crime. Others lauded it as “creative ingenuity”. The army initiated an investigation and we all decided to wait for the law to take its course. Then came the news that the Major responsible was awarded the Chief Of Army Staff’s Commendation Card.

Considering the circumstances, just one simple question comes to mind: what the actual fuck?!

In any other country, under any other government, such an act which not only violates protocol and international law but also destroys any moral high ground India could have claimed in the region would have merited suspension and demotion. At the very least the soldier would have been reprimanded. In BJP-ruled India, he gets a commendation.

Two facets of India’s military and foreign policy have earned the country respect and recognition around the world. These are it’s dedication to human rights and the fact that we have always eschewed military action unless absolutely necessary. The BJP has rejected both policies.

The BJP aims to project a muscular foreign policy yet it has failed to deter aggression from across the border. They constantly provoke China and make empty statements of power yet India has so far failed to stop China in any of its movements. India is the world’s laughing stock and the Prime Minister’s habit of parading around the world with his circus act has only sufficed to reinforce it.

This chauvinist and imperialist policy of aggression just be opposed on the home front by the working classes and by all those who do not wish to see the country suffer another unnecessary war. Enough with the showmanship and the empty words that have no meat. End this grandstanding and hypernationalist aggression. Instead build real solutions to issues so that our borders are secure, our people are free and all of our hills and valleys no matter their political affiliation can have peace.


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