The Erdogan Era

The Father of ‘New Turkey’ is a reflection from a sectarian past. Erdoğan is rapidly resurrecting the Turkey’s sectarian fascism. The new fascism is light years away from Atatür’s dream, as secularism is now threatened by a power lusting Islamist demon. The recent events point out the transformation of the nation into an Erdogan cult.
This is not the first time Turkey has marched towards an Islamic dystopia. What makes Erdogan’s government any different? Every time Turkey’s constitution was threatened by Islamists, the army eventually stepped in and restored democracy. The Turkish army was the enforcing arm of Turkish secularism. After every military coup Turkey swings secular. Çevik Bir, one of the generals who planned the 1997 coup, stated his case with a metaphor “In Turkey we have a marriage of Islam and democracy. . . . The child of this marriage is secularism. Now this child gets sick from time to time. The Turkish Armed Forces is the doctor who saves the child. Depending on how sick the kid is we administer the necessary medicine to make sure the child recuperates.”
The coup was bastardized so much that even the opposition kurdish party stood with Erdogan. Believe it or not, the last military coup was crushed by the media and not the government. The media manipulated its viewers and represented a sectarian fascist government as the protector of democratic freedom. The state of emergency and the recent referendum has given him unquestionable powers.
The failed coup turned into successful purges. His government used this opportunity to structurally manipulate the democracy to an autocratic machine. He used the propaganda to wage an indiscriminate crackdown on dissent. It was so efficient that more than 700 people were jailed for nothing but Erdogan’s intuition that they were going to take over the country.
Erdagon do not have a history of tolerance. The forced resignation of the Prime Minister suggests that his power fetish has further bloated. One of the main aspects of democracy is accountability. Now that the army and the only democratic force that could threaten his reign has been vanquished, he could carry on with his systematic destruction of democracy. The methodical destruction of the opposition comes as the first step in establishing an Islamic order.


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